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Reporting from…

Reporting from…

Reporting from…

Between sightseeing, learning and writing about destinations, I’m always mingling, asking questions and interacting with locals.

I seek a deeper understanding of the lifestyle and culture of wherever I am visiting, to grasp the economic status and political climate and ask questions. Are the citizens happy? Are they upset or forgotten?

To answer these hard-hitting questions I’m dedicating this column exclusively to my journalistic instincts. When I find myself in a city where a million questions arise and there’s an endless intrigue, you can expect to see a “Reporting from…” post on that city.

Traveling is hardly picture-perfect, despite what Instagram portrays it as; it can be hard, emotional, inspiring, and conjure up a myriad of emotions, which is what bolstered my urge to create this column.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a fluffy post about “The Best Gelato in Italy,” but I feel it’s also my duty as a writer to inform, unfiltered. It may not be as pretty as strawberry gelato but there has to be someone like me to burst that strawberry flavored bubble from time to time to expose the less flattering realities that exist in the world.

“Reporting from…” will be a place of unadulterated truths as seen through my lens, if you’re into that kind of deep, soul encompassing, heart-wrenching, mind-expanding dose of real-life perspective, then stick around to see where I’ll be reporting from next.



An explicit look at daily life in Havana, Cuba

Vol. 1, “An explicit look at daily life in Havana, Cuba”

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